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Today’s businesses are changing at breakneck speed & a proper reporting tool/reports help you keep track of your business. Example: A company can track their day to day inventories with the help of timely reports. Reports are a key element of distribution of information in any organization in different formats: pre-defined reports, dynamic reports, ad-hoc reports, guided reports etc. Reporting is the key to successfully use data to improve competitiveness. These reports can be categorized into strategical, tactical and operational kind of reports and can be used across the entire.

With the help of Open source technologies such as Jaspersoft and Pentaho, we are able to provide intelligent reports on the fly. Open source platform gives us the power of exploration & the flexibility to customize and fulfill requirement as per the clients demands. We can change the look and feel of reports, customize them and make them more user friendly. We can provide reports from Jaspersoft or Pentaho platforms. We do all kinds of reports, from those with predefined format where the goal is to conform to the marked display parameters, to those in which users can interact with them, select dates (date picker), filter, etc… The built reports can be very interactive with input parameters, filters, drill down information, hover information, tabular data, visualization etc.

These reports can also be planned so that it can schedule its execution and delivery by mail (for example, PDF format). For Ex: Every month, monthly sales report can be configured to execute & mailed to the sales head, with a traffic light coding (red, yellow, green ) as a visual alert.

Major different kind of reports can be as below :

  • Interactive and visual reports
  • Financial reports
  • Static and standard reports
  • Ad-hoc reports
  • Multidimensional reports
  • Parameterized and drill down reports
  • Write-back reports
  • Operational reports
  • Production reports
  • Inventory reports

Data Warehouse
Custom Plugin
Cloud based BI
Data Mining
Mobile BI
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